Adding Shopify Feed to Facebook Catalogue

Once you have completed any edits on the catalogue feed make sure to click update.

  1. Copy the URL by clicking the clipboard button
  2. Go to and go to the catalogue manager
  3. Create a new catalogue
  4. Select E-commerce
  5. Add the details in the catalog owner field as needed
  6. Set the catalog name as needed
  7. Click create
  8. Go to product data sources on the left hand side
  9. Click add products
  10. Select use bulk upload to schedule a feed
  11. Select scheduled feed on the upload option
  12. Under set up feed, Paste the URL copied from the Account Hook app
  13. Enter the Username and Password
  14. Under schedule updates, select the appropriate schedule.
  15. Under complete settings, name your data source and update the default currency if needed
  16. Click upload

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